When I shoot adult stuff I like to do some solo stuff with the girls too, if I can. I was pleased to get the chance to shoot a quick (very quick-five mins) set with Chantelle. Went for the whole, casual, on camera flash look again. I’m really into that rough look at the moment šŸ™‚
GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1221 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1222 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1225 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1226 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1245 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1249 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1258 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1259 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1261GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1232 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1238 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1200 GrimeandGlamour- chantellewhitesolo-1213

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