Activity Grrrl

Bex is still very new to modelling but is coming along great. She has a fantastic look and with a bit of time should become a really good model. The bad news is she is another one who has moved away, and I may not get chance to shoot again 😦
This was originally two separate sets but decided to post the same time. There is still one more set from this day to come.
More Bex here
GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8086 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8087 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8092 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8096 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8099 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8100 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8104 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8106GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8072 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8073 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8078 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8079 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8080 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8064 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8061 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8062 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8063 GrimeandGlamour- bexwardflat-8068

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