Hello, Mrs Darkness

Slapped wrists for me, as I had completely forgotten about this set. I will be shooting again with Ida soon (I hope) but here she is in the bath. Fully dressed.  There is something about a girl, in a bath, but still dressed! I will be doing more of these sets in 2014.
More Ida here

GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0059 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0078 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0073 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0070 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0067 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0066 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0081 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0079

GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0082 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0084 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0086 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0087 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0093 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0095 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0098 GrimeandGlamour- idabath-0071

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