Things Left Undone

It’s been way too long since the last set from Flic, so here is the second part of the “boxes” set. (First one here) A truly fantastic model, and person. I am really going to miss shooting with her when she moves away. In fact this may well be the last set 😦 Hopefully I will get to chance to shoot with her when she comes back up north to visit.
More Flic here.
GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5212 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5214 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5216 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5225 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5239 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5240 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5242 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5253 GrimeandGlamour- mafieldsept-5261 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5264 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5263 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5261 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5260 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5259 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5257 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5254

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