Don’t Let the Sunshine Fool Ya

Here is the second set from Fran (first set here). She was great fun to work with and had a really good attitude for the shoot. It was freezing, but she never once said anything. When she was shaking I knew it was time to finish the shoot. 🙂
GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0879 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0884 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0886 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0887 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0888 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0891 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0892 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0893 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0894 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0897 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0899 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0901 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0902 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0905 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0908 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0913 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0915 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0917 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0922 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0926 GrimeandGlamour-FRAN-TOWN-0929 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0930 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0933

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