Sweet Honesty

These images were made on the same day as these were done. The first set we went for a sexy lingerie look, and this idea was for something sweeter, and a little more ‘innocent’ and I think LaurenRose looks great in that dress. Mostly made with natural light, with a tiny bit of fill in flash on some shots.
More LaurenRose here.
GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0761 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0764 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7439 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7442 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7444 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7447 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7450 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7452 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7453 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7458 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7464 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7465 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-7469

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