Heart Attack And Vine – Review of 2013.

I thought I would give a review of my year. It wont be the most exciting thing you have ever read, but hopefully a few will find it interesting.

I shall drop a few of my favourite images from 2013 into this blog post. In no particular order and probably not all that I could. If your a model that isn’t included then please don’t take it personally. I could only post so many. 🙂flic-tryptich

I never really know where I fit into the ‘photography world’. I know I would love to do this full time, and I know I have a passion for it. I also know that I never will be a full time professional, but I also hope I never lose the love of it. I guess my style is a little bit marmite. I know some people really rate me and love what I do, and others think my stuff is a mess and has no credibility. That used to bother me but thankfully I have got past that. I’m my biggest critic now, and I can cope with that.GrimeandGlamour- alexsiyard-8418

I’m pretty sure this year I improved a lot. I think my lighting got better. I went very much back to basics, mostly using natural light and ‘fill in flash’. I also used on camera flash a lot more. Frowned upon in some circles but I think it suits my style and what I want to achieve, so I will carry on with that.GrimeandGlamour- katieyellotop-4920 I also made images with some of the best models I have ever worked with. There are some incredible girls (and guys) out there right now, and I feel very lucky to have worked with some of them. I hope that continues next year.

I made new friends (photographers and models), which is probably the most rewarding part of this whole ‘game’, and I made new enemies. I guess that’s part of the game too. Some of them I regret and some I couldn’t care less. Photographers are still among some of the greatest people I know–and the biggest bitches! Most will offer advice and help at any time. Some will go way beyond to help out. Some of course will continue to be utter dicks, with an ego that gives them the idea they are better than they actually are.

Having said that, one of the things I enjoy the most is spending time with other photographers. I shot with Keith Fusco a couple of times. He always helps out for my ‘girls in cars’ series, and he also interviewed me for his podcast. (if you have some spare time, go and watch here). GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0093I also shot with good friend and fantastic photog, Emily Cromarty a couple of  times, and even got to make my ‘modelling’ debut on a shoot with her and model Frankii Wilde. We also got the amazing Kristina Foster to do make up and we ended up with some of the most wonderful images I have ever been involved in. (I love my ‘scar’!)GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0212 - Copy

I really got a liking for “grunge/street fashion” this year and so shot a lot of that. (Just check out how many checky shirts there are on my blog!) I never really know what to describe myself as when people ask, what sort of photographer I am. I guess I class myself as a fashion/glamour photographer, but then some people say that’s not true, and I really shoot portraiture or glamour. I guess I don’t know anymore? I love glamour but don’t really think I shoot ‘straight’ glamour. I certainly don’t think I shoot ‘fashion’ in the true sense of the word, either (there are other photogs out there who shoot it way better than I ever could). I guess I shoot people. Mostly girls. Yeah, I think I’ll stick to ‘Picture taker’ 🙂

GrimeandGlamour- staciquayside3-

As well as (mostly) girls I also love to do street photography. Takes a certain amount of ‘bravery’ to be able to shoot street, but its also among the most enjoyable style of shooting you can do. If you haven’t done it yet then give it a go. My street blog is here.GrimeandGlamour- street15-10-2013-8998

As I look into 2014 I feel like I want to change things a bit, but I am still not sure how that is going to work. I’m not sure much will change, but I actually think my style will become even more basic. I even plan doing sets on my camera phone. I also plan on shooting more film and lots more instax. I also hope to work with more models I have never worked with before.

I put out another Blurb book this year, full of my instax images.  (link here) and I intend to put out more in 2014. I have one already nearly finished and I have a list of models I really want to make books with.  I also would love to get just one model that I could work with on any idea, or style of shoot from erotica to fashion. I did have one, but for reasons that couldn’t be helped we cant progress the way we were going to. I hope that changes as she was perfect for all the ideas I had. If not hopefully someone else will turn up.GrimeandGlamour- mitzidrink-0426

One of the other styles I shoot a fair amount of is adult. Now I know this isn’t everybodys cup of tea, and some people definitely don’t like it, but I also have fun with it and have met some fantastic people who work in the adult industry. I’s been a very quiet year for me though as the last porn shoot I did was in January. The reason? Well during the shoot I had a heart attack! GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-chantelleandluke-8087 Yes I have heard all the jokes and yes it was a “hot” shoot—but I’m pretty sure Luke and Chantelle were not the cause of the attack 🙂  That put me out of action for a while and it meant I missed out some shoots. The good news is, for those that enjoy my adult work, I am doing my next porn shoot on the 27th December–hopefully I will survive it! You can see my adult images here (you will need a yahoo/Flickr account). I was also asked by erotic/fetish photographer Mark Page to include some images for his PWA Magazine. (ask me for the password)  🙂

All in all its been a good year, and although I get frustrated with my work and know that I am nowhere near as good as I want to be, I shall carry on striving to get where I want. That almost wasn’t the case though, as I was very close to packing in shooting models a couple of weeks ago. I want to thank the people I spoke to about the issues I had, as they helped me make my mind up to carry on. They know who they are 🙂

One other thing that I think makes this whole photography lark an awesome thing, is at least three different girls told me this year that shooting with me had made them feel really good about themselves. I think that alone says a lot about how much ‘power’ a photograph can have. Good enough reason for me to keep on shooting.

There may be a slight change next year but after asking around the name “Grime and Glamour” will stay, although it may become just “G&G”.

In 2014 I want to shoot more art nude,  street/grunge fashion,  adult, and also explore more non graphic erotica. I intend shooting a lot more flesh next year-male and female- and not just adult, but fashion nude, glamour nude, and Grime and Glamour nude! If you want to be a part of that, please get in touch.

grimeandglamour- flicuni-7588



3 thoughts on “Heart Attack And Vine – Review of 2013.

  1. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy seeing your work. Very honest blog. Your work is to very high standard and gives me ideas. I may also try some of them one day ( if I dare!).

    Good health and don’t stop.

    Happy Christmas.


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