And yet another set with Katie. It was another one of those wonderfully cold Newcastle days and Katie was yet another model who braved the weather for me to get the images I wanted. At least I let her wear a (fake) fur coat and not just a bikini! I never get sick of shooting with her, just because she is so damn good.

More Katie here
GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9287 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9284 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9283 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9281 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4943 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4942 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4940 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4938 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4936 GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4935
GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9288

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9290

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9294
GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4900

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4899

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4898

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4894

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4893

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4891

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4889

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4888

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-4886

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9318

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9326

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9321

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9320

GrimeandGlamour- katieredfur-9319

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