Sunshine Girl

Faye is a hugely improved model, and when we shot this set, we got to do lots more (you’re looking at it now!) I really love this set, as I have a real liking for the whole ‘grunge/street fashion’  look right now. I think we caught that look really well on these images.

More Faye here.GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7181 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7185 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7186 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7189 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7194 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7198 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7200 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7204 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7205 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7206 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7209 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7214 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7217 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7219 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7224 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7226 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7228 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7236 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7243 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7249 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7255 GrimeandGlamour-2fayeuni-7259

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