Stray Cat Strut

Some more ‘pet play’ from the fantastic Chayse Black. A suicide girl, and an awesome model. I had so much fun shooting with her and I really hope I get another chance.
First set here.
GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6728 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6744 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6743 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6742 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6741 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6740 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6739 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6737 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6736 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6735 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6734 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6733 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6732 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6731 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6730 GrimeandGlamour-chaysemilk-6729

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