Stuck In The Middle With You

I don’t get to shoot with guys very often(unless I’m shooting adult stuff), so it was great to do some ‘fashion’ with Jordan. I have shot with him a couple of times, (here) and so I knew what I was going to get. I wanted a cool, “Reservoir Dogs”  type of look, hence the white shirt and skinny tie. Apologies he is smoking in so many shots–especially as I hate smoking so much!

I don’t know why I don’t shoot with guys more often. I enjoy it (almost) as much as shooting with the ladies 🙂
GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0593 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0595 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0597 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0604 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0609 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0613 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0614 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0615 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0622 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0631 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0633 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0634 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0636 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0639 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0641 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0642 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0646 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0650 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0666 GrimeandGlamour-jordanwhiteshirt-0668

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