Don’t Hold Back

Sam, was a first time model when we did this set. I really enjoyed making images with her and I hope we get to shoot again soon. This is part two. A very similar look, just nipped round the corner and  a change of shirt!
GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7127 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7129 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7132 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7133 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7137 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7145 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7147 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7148 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7149 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7152 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7158 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7162 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7165 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7166 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7167 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7168 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7169 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7170 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7172 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7174 GrimeandGlamour-redsamquayside-7175

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