Go With The Flow

Fran is yet another girl who I have been talking to for ages about shooting. It took a long time but eventually we got to meet up. We had a good laugh and got some great shots. Even in the cold I love to shoot in the open air, and I am glad that girls like Fran exist, and are happy to shoot outside, even when its freezing. GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0808 GrimeandGlamour-FRAN-TOWN-0809 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0810 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0812 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0813 GrimeandGlamour-FRAN-TOWN-0825 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0829 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0831 GrimeandGlamour-FRAN-TOWN-0836 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0837 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0839 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0842 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0845 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0847 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0854 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0858 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0860 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0862 GrimeandGlamour-frantown-0863

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