Come Alive

I shot with LaurenRose ages ago, and we have been meaning to meet up and make some more images for ages. It had never happened for various reasons, but finally we got around to it a couple of weeks ago. This is the first of three sets, and its safe to say that she has improved a lot since we first shot. Really enjoyed the images we got this day.

More LaurenRose hereGrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0714 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0715 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0716 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0718 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0719 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0733 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0728 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0729 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0736 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0744 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0746 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0749 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0750 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0752 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0753 GrimeandGlamour- laurenflat-0756

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