Walk Out To Winter

Megan, is someone I have worked with a few times, and although we generally shoot the same type of stuff, I do enjoy shooting with her. Easy going and friendly, and very easy to shoot, I will continue to make images  with her. These images have a very casual feel to them, as we pretty much just wondered around and snapped away. We have some ideas a little different to what we have made before, so keep an eye out for those. There will be a second set shot at the same time as this one, to come.
More Megan here.
GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0678 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0681 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0684 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0687 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0688 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0694 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0697 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0699 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0702 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0703 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-0704 GrimeandGlamour-meganuni-7365

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