Sweet Leaf

Another set from Suicide Girl, the incredible Chayse Black. As I said before we had a full days shoot and got loads of sets. There are three more to come after this one. There is just something about a girl, in the bath, with her clothes on…or is that just me?
More Chayse here.
GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0192 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0193 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0195 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0197 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0198 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0200 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0202 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0203 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0207 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0208 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0209 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0211 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0215 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0217 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0220 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0221 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0224 GrimeandGlamour-chayse-bath-0225

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