Same Old Song And Dance

Second set from the gorgeous Ida. Similar to the first (shot in front of that window.Again) We took so many images, making two sets was easy. I also added some casual shots that were taken after we had finished with the lingerie set. I will be shooting with Ida again soon.

More Ida hereGrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6527 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6528 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6529 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6539 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6540 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6542 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6546 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6547 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6549 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6553 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6564 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6565 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6567 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6569 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6572 GrimeandGlamour-2idaflat-6585

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