Million Miles Away

The last time I shot with Faye, she was a quiet shy redhead. Now she is blonde, and full of condfidence. A gorgeous girl who’s modeling ability has improved dramatically. I always knew I would shoot with her again, and I am glad we did. Look out for more from Faye.
Other sets of Faye here
GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0503 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0504 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0508 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0510 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0517 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0518 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0521 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0526 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0533 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0541 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0542 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0543 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0547 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0550 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0553 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0567 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0568 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0569 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0571 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0577 GrimeandGlamour-fayeuni-0580

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