Fell On Black Days

I work with Sam, and one day as I passed her desk, asked her if she wanted to shoot. She made a note of my site, and then got back to me a few days later, and said yes. We had a chat about style and looks, and then set a date. She did really well, as it was her first ever shoot, and it was really cold. I definitely think there is lots of potential there and are talking about another shoot. There is one more set to come from this night.
GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7080 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7082 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7085 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7094 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7099 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7100 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7105 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7106 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7108 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7110 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7112 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7113 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7115 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7116 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7117 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7118 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7122 GrimeandGlamour-samgreenshirt-7125

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