White Room

The last time I shot Katie in the studio, I made sure we shot as many different sets as possible. The down side is it takes ages to get them up on my site. The up side is you get lots of images of her 🙂

The classic white shirt. A style that has been shot countless times but always looks great. Katie, of course, carries on that tradition.
More Katie here
GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5389 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5392 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5394 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5395 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5400 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5401 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5402 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5403 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5405 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5409 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5410 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5412 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5414 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5415 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5416 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5421 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5422 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5426 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5430 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5431 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5433 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5434 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5435 GrimeandGlamour- katiewhiteshirt-5437

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