Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?

The next ” girls in cars” set and the second one from Mitzi. As you may, or may not know, Keith Fusco and myself go driving round (well Keith drives) while I take shots of a young lady in the back of the car. We then park up and do some more shots. Keiths set with Mitzi is here, and my first set with her is here.
Lots more Mitzi here.
GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0066 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0125 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0116 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0115 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0113 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0112 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0111 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0109 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0104 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0097 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0095 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0094 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0093 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0088 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0085 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0081 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0080 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0079 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0076 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0072 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0067

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