Who’s The Fairest – Loula Cherry

Part two from the wonderful Loula Cherry. I live next to a barbers and he was chucking a load of old mirrors and chairs, etc out. They had been in the back yard for a while so I thought I would put them to good use for a ‘Who’s the fairest’ set.

More Loula here

More ‘Who’s the fairest’ hereGrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6439 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6447 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6456 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6457 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6459 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6463 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6467 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6468 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6474 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6475 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6478 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6479 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6481 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6482 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6489 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6502 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6507 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6510 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6515
GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6446

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