Nothing Else Matters

I shot Kate a few weeks ago, as she felt she needed a confidence boost. I’m not sure why, as she is a naturally pretty girl with the most amazing dark, deep eyes. The first set is here, and this set is a mixture of the other looks we shot. With her amazing hair,Kate looks great on these images. GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6152 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6153 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6156 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6160 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6162 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6170 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6174 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6177 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6179 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6182 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6186 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6187 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6195 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6204 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6205 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6207 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6216 GrimeandGlamour-2kateflat-6225

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