White Trash

I had worked with Ida once before (on a t-shirt shoot for Dare to Wear Clothing), but we had talked about doing another shoot for ages. I have just had time off the day job so was able to arrange a shoot with her. The title for this set comes from the tattoo Ida has across her chest (so I am not insulting her!) I personally think its a great tattoo and a pretty brave move. I know from what Ida said she has had a mixed reaction to it.

The windows in my flat are becoming as well known as the ones in Mayfield studio I think?!
More Ida here.
GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0001 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0002 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0005 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0006 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0007 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0009 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0010 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0012 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0014 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0017 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0020 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0021 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0026 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0027 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0029 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0032 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0035 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0036 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0039 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0046 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0049 GrimeandGlamour- idaflat-0053

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