Have A Drink On Me

The final set from when  Megan and I went for a  walk around parts of Jesmond.  Very much a relaxed set, which is more casual and fun than anything. Hope we get to chance to shoot together again soon.

More Megan here

GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4968 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4970 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4972 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4973 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4975 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4978 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4979 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4981 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4982 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4983 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4984 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4987 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4989 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4994 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4995 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4996 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-4999 GrimeandGlamour- meganrtree-5002

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