Car Trouble

It was time to do another ‘girls in car’ shoot and Mitzi was the obvious choice for one of these.  I gave Keith Fusco a shout and we went driving and shooting. Keith has already posted his set from this shoot and here is the first of two from me. I love the blur and movement from the driving shots as it really gives a retro, almost grindhouse feel to the images, which is a look I really like. The last image has that ‘still from a film’ look that I really love too.
More Mitzi here
GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0042 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0043 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0045 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0047 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0051 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0059 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0061 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0062-2 GrimeandGlamour- MITZICAR-0064 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0072 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0076 GrimeandGlamour- MITZICAR-0077 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0078 GrimeandGlamour- mitzicar-0147

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