Any Colour You Like

Some more studio images from Katie. A bright pink background, and Orbis ring flash, and an amazing model. Perfect mixture.
More Katie here
GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5361 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5387 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5386 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5384 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5383 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5382 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5381 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5380 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5379 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5378 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5377 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5375 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5374 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5371 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5370 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5369 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5367 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5366 GrimeandGlamour- katiepink-5364

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