Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Chayse is one of the most interesting girls I have ever worked with.  She is a well known Suicide Girl and also does a lot of ‘pet play’.  This is a fetish where she plays as a pet or animal.  This can range from cat,dog, fox, or horse.  Pretty much any animal the fetishist is requiring for their particular kink.  Some may find it strange but its safe and no one is getting hurt.  Plus how cute does Chayse look with a tail?!  Seemed a good idea to shoot some nonzo with this look too, so we did 🙂

GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0152 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0155 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0160 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0162 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0165 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0167 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0168 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0172 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0173 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0174 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0175 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0176 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0177 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0178 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0179 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0180 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0181 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0182 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0183 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0184 GrimeandGlamour- chaysepet-0185

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