Under The Iron Sky

My personal preference is for slim and skinny, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see how gorgeous a bigger women is, and that is very true in this case. Lou has been a long time friend and she recently came up from London to visit for the weekend, and I was so glad we got a chance to shoot. She has a strong following and is well known in fetish circles as a top model in that field and the BDSM market too. Hopefully she will be visiting again soon.
More Loula Cherry here.
GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6400 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6402 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6406 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6407 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6410 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6411 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6414 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6417 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6418 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6419 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6421 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6424 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6425 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6427 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6428 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6431 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6434 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6435 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6437 GrimeandGlamour- loulacherry-6438

2 thoughts on “Under The Iron Sky

  1. Absolutely Amazing Awesome work by you both.
    All the shots are superb.
    IMHO. The best model you have shot.
    But I guess am biased. 🙂

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