Living In A Box

I have worked with Flic many times in the last few months, and I think she is one of the best around. This is the first set from a day in Mayfield studio. I basically piled up some boxes and asked her to pose using the boxes as props. She was brilliant, and I really love this set(and a second set to come).
More Flic here
GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5187 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5189 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5191 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5194 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5197 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5210 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5209 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5208 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5206 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5204 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5200 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5199 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5211 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5249 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5232 GrimeandGlamour- flicboxes-5227

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