When I Get Where I Am Going

Kate is a very talented photographer who used to do a bit of modelling. A while back she had a bad experience with a a guy while shooting and that put her off for a long time. We met a couple of years ago, when I helped her on a shoot with Moxie Evans, and we said one day we will shoot together. Eventually we got the chance.
GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6087 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6091 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6093 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6095 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6098 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6100 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6102 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6104 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6106 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6107 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6111 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6112 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6120 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6122 GrimeandGlamour- idawindow-6129

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