Over Your Shoulder

Had a full day in the studio, and I just had to get Katie to pop by.  She is a great model, and just look at that smile!

Jordan was there shooting with another photographer at the same time, and he had an idea he wanted to shoot with Katie and they asked me if I would shoot it. They are the extra shots at the bottom.
More Katie here
More Jordan here
GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5476 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5478 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5479 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5482 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5485 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5488 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5491 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5492 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5494 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5495 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5496 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5497 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5498 GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5518 GrimeandGlamour- mayfieldsept-5516
GrimeandGlamour- mafieldsept-5507

GrimeandGlamour- mafieldsept-5506

GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5512

GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5511

GrimeandGlamour- katiebikinijeans-5504

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