Whiskey Trip

Megan is a keen photographer who occasionally gets in front of the lens. I am glad she does. We had a really good day (two other sets here) and she has a sweet bubbly personality which is great to work with. There is one more set from this day plus some studio stuff to come.
More Megan here

GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9520 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9522 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9526 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9530 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9544 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9542 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9538 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9537 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9536 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9535 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9531 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9549 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9553 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9555 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9559 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9564 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9578 GrimeandGlamour- meganrjesmond-9584

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