Hard To Make A Stand

The final set from Daisy from our wander round Gosforth in Newcastle. Although this set was done at the same time as this one (same outfit), I thought it was worth making two sets from them, due to the different settings.
More Daisy here.

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4857 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4859 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4860GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9085 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9095 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9093 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9091 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9090 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9088 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9087
GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4867

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4865

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4864

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4863

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9112

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9105

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9103

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9101

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9098

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-9096

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