World, Shut Your Mouth

Part three of Katie up by Eddies bar/Madisons (both diseased). Part one here and the second set here.   She is just a joy to work with and gets better and better as a model. One more set from this day to come plus some other stuff from the studio too, so plenty more great images of Katie to follow in time.  This set includes my favorite picture I have taken this year (fourth from bottom).

More Katie here.
GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9213 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9214 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9215 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9216 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9217 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9219 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9221 GrimeandGlamour- katieeddies-9223 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4906 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4907 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4908 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4913 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4916 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4918 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4920 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4921 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4922 GrimeandGlamour- katieyellowtop-4923

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