After shooting this set, (this day was one of Bex’ first ever shoots) we went for a coffee as it was cold and raining. I thought I would take a few shots while relaxing and we got some more nice stuff.  Bex has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to shooting with her again in the future. There is one more set to come from this day too. 🙂
GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5117 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5114 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5112 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5110 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5102 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-9799 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-9795 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-9793 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-9790 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-9783 GrimeandGlamour- bexjacket-5180

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