Everyday Is Like Sunday

Been a while since we had any new stuff from the truly incredible Flic. I had actually forgotten about this set (shot the same day as this set, and this one).  Flic can pretty much turn her hand to anything you ask of her, and there are still more images to come from her from a studio day in Mayfield.
More Flic here
grimeandglamour- flicuni-3333 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3307 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3308 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3314 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3318 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3321 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3322 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3325 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3327 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3328 grimeandglamour- flicuni-3323 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3343 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3346 GrimeandGlamour- flicstreetfashion-3350

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