She’s A Rainbow

More street fashion from Daisy, done the same day as this set, and this one. I enjoy stopping for a coffe break during a shoot and then making some editorial, and portrait shots while the model relaxes.
More Daisy here.

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9080 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9079 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9076 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9074 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9073 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9072 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9070 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9069 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4845 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4847 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4851

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4828 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4830 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4833 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreetblue-4837GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9059

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9058

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9057

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9056

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9048

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9046

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9044

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9041

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9039

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9037

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