I think Megan may consider herself more a photographer than a model, but I had wanted to shoot her for ages. We finally got a date sorted and she nailed exactly what I wanted. For this set I said “a sweet Courtney Love” and I think that’s what I got. There are two more sets with Megan to come and I hope to shoot with her again.
First set of Megan here

GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9418 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9420 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9422 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9424 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9427 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9433 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9438 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9440 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9443 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9444 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9445 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9455 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9462 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9463 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9473 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9479 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9481 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9503 GrimeandGlamour- megansummerdress-9517

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