Another Girl, Another Planet

Katie is still relatively new to modelling but is creating a real demand for her to work with so many photographers (in the north east, and nationwide). I have said it before and I will say it again. Nothing can stop this girl if she wants to get there. This set was made the same day as this one. I love the attitude and the whole feel of these images. The good news is there are still a lot more sets to come from Katie.
More Katie here

GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9227 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9229 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9230 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9231 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9233 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9241 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9240 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9239 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9238 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9236 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9235 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9234 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9243 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9244 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9245 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9246 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9249 GrimeandGlamour- katiesredridges-9250

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