Bottoms Up

Going right back in time for this set.  I shot Amieboo three years ago at Otterburn Hall (first, small set here) and for some reason I never posted the rest of those images, or this ‘naked in a wardrobe’ (as you do) set! So here is the best from the wardrobe pics and I may post more of the bed set too, at a later date.

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0131 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0132 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0134 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0135 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0136 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0137 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0138 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0139 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0140 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0142 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0143 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0144 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0146 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0148 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-0149 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-amieboowardrobe-341

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