Shooting with Staci, is one of my favorite things to do. She is funny, sarky, and a great model. I hope I get to make images with her a for a long time to come. This was set was done down the quayside on the same night at this one.

More Staci here


GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4706 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4709 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4711 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4712 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4713 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4729 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4728 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4727 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4722 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4721 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4719 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4730 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4732 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4746 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4744 GrimeandGlamour- stacihoodie-4735

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