Its taken a while to get to this next Amelia set but worth the wait,I hope? She was brilliant to shoot with and really hope to shoot with her again but haven’t been able to get anything arranged. Yet. I wanted this set to be very bright and colourful, with an almost ‘pop-art’ feel, with a huge dollop of sexy. Amelia can do that easily and so I got the look I was after.
More Amelia here.

GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8239 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8240 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8242 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8243 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8244 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8248 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8250 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8253 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8254 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8256 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8258 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8259 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8260 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8263 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8264 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8266 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8269 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8271 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8272 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8274 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8275 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8277 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8278 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8280 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8283 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8284 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8285 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8287 GrimeandGlamour- ameliabody-8289

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