Whos the fairest – Anastasia

The next in the ‘mirror’ series. Anastasia, looks amazing on these shots, as indeed she always does 🙂

More Who’s the Fairest here
Lots more Sia here
GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7664 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7666 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7668 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7670 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7672 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7677 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7680 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7681 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7682 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7684 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7686 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7678 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-7675

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