Vampire Heart

Bex, is another brand new model. Great look, and really lovely person, she was great to shoot with. I really loved her style.  A little nervous to start with but got into it very quickly. Even after the special constable tried to tell me the law on photography in public places….fail! 🙂  The weather was against us (it was raining and pretty cold and windy), but Bex lasted as long as she could outside. We went for a coffee and got some more shots in the cafe which will show on the next set.
GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9708 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9712 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9714 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9719 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9723 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9724 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9727 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9729 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9735 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9736 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9741 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9745 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9746 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9752 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9756 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9759 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9763 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9771 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9772 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9774 GrimeandGlamour- bexward-9775 GrimeandGlamour- BEXW-5104

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