Mexican Sky

It was great to get to shoot with Georgia as she is on the rise as a model, recently being featured in Front magazine, and becoming a fully accepted Suicide Girl.  Excellent attitude and great fun. One more set to come from her, although I really hope I get to shoot with her again.
Previous set here
GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9146 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9158 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9156 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9155 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9153 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9152 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9151 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9150 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9149 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9148 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9147

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