A Hard Road

Shooting with Daisy is always enjoyable. More a fashion model than a glamour girl, she brings something different to my shoots. We had a great day, (also did this set) and there is one more to come.
More Daisy here

GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8961 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8962 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8963 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8966 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8970 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8972 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8978 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8979 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8985 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8989 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8992 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-8995 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9001 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9004 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9010 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9011 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9012 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9014 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9017 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9019 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9022 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9024 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9025 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9027 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9029 GrimeandGlamour- daisystreet-9032

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