What’s Your Favourite Colour?

Having only shot ‘glamour’ with Mitzi before it was nice to get out on the streets of Newcastle and do some portraiture/casual stuff with her. (Don’t worry, will be shooting more glamour with her soon). We always have a good time on shoots, as she is a bit of a giggler, but improving all the time as a model. A fantastic figure and a good attitude also helps 🙂 Help with lighting was, photographic genius Brian. The mixture of light was awful and trying to get the white balance correct was almost impossible.
More Mitzi here

GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9600 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9601 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9602 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9604 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9606 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9607 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9611 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9621 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9646 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9648 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9649 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9650 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9653 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9660 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9663 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9668 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9683 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9685 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9687 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9691 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9692 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9697 GrimeandGlamour- mitziuni-9703

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