Bath Water Blues

While shooting this set with Alexsi, I had the idea that  a ‘bath Nonzo’ would work!  So we tried it, and we loved it 🙂   Always fun to do Nonzo and I love that the models always seem to enjoy it as much, and as Alexsi is so much fun to work with, means we got a really good set.  🙂

More Alexsi here

More Nonzo here

GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8609 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8618 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8619 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8620 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8622 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8623 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8625 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8627 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8629 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8630 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8632

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