Behind The Wheel

Jess only came back to modelling earlier this year when we did these art nude/erotica sets (here and here) and so as she was back in the swing of things I had to get her to do a girls in car shoot. I gave Keith (top bloke and great photographer-with a car) a shout and we set off to do these. Great fun – as always- and hopefully I will be doing more, with Keith soon.

More Jess hereGrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9895 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9897 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9928 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9931 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9937 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9940 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9941 GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-9925
GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5047

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5052

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5053

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5058

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5059

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5063

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5069

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5057

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5077

GrimeandGlamour- jesscar-5084

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